CV Skills – Ideas Listed below is the kind of phrases that are regularly used on CVs with their meanings. You may find you have developed a number of these skills in some capacity, through previous employment, voluntary work, your course work or just through activities you have undertaken – so make sure you incorporate them into your CV. Skills Portfolio – Highlight any word that best describes you

People Skills

• Team work o Supportive, facilitator, organised, co-ordinator, deliverer, imaginative, delegator, open-minded

• Leadership o Dynamic, motivator, team-builder, confidence booster, energetic, capable, outward looking, accountable, visionary

• Interpersonal Skills o Listener, adviser, counsellor, politically aware, initiator, professional, co-operative, constructive, assertive

• Customer orientation o Welcoming, friendly, caring, approachable, constructive, o Accommodating, tactful, diplomatic, tolerant

• Oral communication o Educator, trainer, communicator, presenter, promoter, influencer, humorous, empathetic, telephone skills

• Foreign Language o Specific language skills, cultural awareness, international experience, written and oral expertise, sensitivity

Self-Reliance Skills:

• Self-awareness/confidence o Purposeful, focused, reflective, perceptive, honest, self-belief, objective, realistic, balanced

• Self-promotion skills o Positive, persuasive, pleasant, proactive, persistent, ambitious, opportunistic, promoter

• Initiative and pro-activity o Resourceful, energetic, drive, flexible, self-starter, self-reliant, initiative

• Networking skills o Initiator, trustful, personable, relationship-builder, persistent developer, resourceful, respected

• Willing to learn o Motivated, adaptable, enthusiastic, active, keen, learner, inquisitive, continual improver • Action planning o Decision-maker, planner, organised, negotiator, responsive, evaluator, forward thinker, target-driven, able to prioritise

Generalist Skills:

• Problem-solving o Achiever, successful, results-orientated, project management, creative, practical, logical, astute, agile mind

• IT/computer literacy o IT skills, software packages, common sense, task-orientated, progressive, specific, office skills, keyboard skills • Flexibility o Multi-disciplinary, flexible, versatile, multi-skilled, willing, obliging, mobile, adaptable

• Numeracy skills o Accurate, logical, problem-solver, detailed, methodical, consistent, quick thinker, analytical, thorough

• Business Acumen o Competitive, entrepreneurial, enterprising, commercial, foresight, budgeter, risk taker, effective written communication

• Commitment o Dedicated, trustworthy, conscientious, reliable, loyal, punctual, knowledgeable, experienced

Job Skills

Here are some job examples listing the kind of skills that can be developed from those particular jobs. You may not have done any of these jobs before but realise you have developed some of the skills highlighted through your own employment experience, through course work or through a variety of activities you have undertaken and if you have, then make sure you incorporate them into your own CV.

Part-time Bar Work

If you asked most students what skills/experience they developed from working in a bar, most would say only the following: Served customers, took customer orders, cleared the tables after use, cash handling. When in fact this particular job role provides the potential to develop all of the following skills:

• Team work

• Decision making

• Working on your own initiative

• Working and coping under pressure

• Customer service & customer care skills

• Communication skills both verbal & listening

• Working to deadlines

• Financial awareness/numeracy

• Organisation

• Time management

• Possibly supervision and therefore dealing with staffing issues

• Cash handling

• Product/market knowledge

• Health & safety knowledge

• Possibly creative thinking – thinking of new layouts

• Possibly promotional – promoting a particular brand of drinks therefore brand management

• Legal elements eg licensing laws